Monday, August 1, 2011

dinner at clyde common

tonight we experienced dinner at clyde common with our wonderful host of the night, philly. it was great, and it was beautiful enough to sit outside and enjoy our eats. here is a taste of what the table had. . .

july vegetables and baby radish over truffle yogurt.

 chicharrones with lemon and pimenton.

 roasted summer tomatoes, chevre, and basil on a baguette.

 pappardelle pasta with calabrian chilis, leeks, shrimp and lemon. 

 the board: with marinated beets, chevre, hazelnuts, smoked ham, and a shot of prosecco.

pork belly with zucchini puree, summer squash, and hazelnuts. 

there was also chicken fried chicken livers... but they were eaten before i could get  a picture... whoops!!

amazingly seasonal and delicious. 
nuff said. 

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