Thursday, August 4, 2011

Climb Hills

     Yesterday Tessa and I went on our first ride together of the trip. Going west of Portland and blindly going up a category two hill climb with and average of a 5.1% grade ( I know that doesn't sound like much but its pretty F@#$ing steep!) and then riding a hilltop road toward the rose gardens and back down into the pearl. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but that is what I love about cycling. About half way up the climb I turned back down the hill to go find Tessa and cheer her on only to find her panting in exhaustion. We stop to catch our breathes thinking of just turning around and cruising down the hill back into Portland, but no little Tessa wanted to carry on! We got back on our saddles and kept our legs spinning dreaming of the top.

I'm King of the world!
This is Tessa's French Alps finish face! Words can not describe the look on her face when she finally made it to the top with me.  Her face was blushed red and sweat dripping off her brow. Ironically we then turned onto a road named Skyline the oddly looked a lot like the skyline we grew up by. Tessa is now addicted to the pain and suffering of getting up a giant hill, and the relief and glory of going back down. . . I'm very proud of her :)


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  1. Great story. I love that you biked by down to encourage her to the top.Love, Mom