Saturday, August 13, 2011

canada: part 1

so, we started this part of the journey by taking a ferry from anacortes, washington, to sydney, canada. the ferry ride was beautiful, but to my disappointment we did not see any whales. . . we landed in victoria the first night, after having our car searched at the border. 
who knew pepper spray was illegal to possess? 
not me. 
 but, alas, we made it to our first spot safe and sound. 

parker and i on the ferry!
view from the boat
here are some pics from the touristy city of victoria. . .

the capital building at night

the harbor was quite impressive

we got our first batch of bills. . . HOLLA!! 

we will need this. canada is effing expensive. 

it's been a while. . .

whoa!! it has been longer than i anticipated. . . just found wi-fi at a quaint little coffee house in tofino. but hey, 



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

skillet diner

best. find. ever. 
and, home of the famous bacon jam.
yes, bacon jam.
we wanted to go to the food cart version of this place, and when looking online to see where they were located, parker discovered they had opened a diner!
 we went with our friends kaylie and zack, and were ready to grub down on skillet diners famous fried chicken and amazing drinks. 

parker got the fried chicken dinner, which comes on top of a corn waffle. hello! can you say heaven in your mouth?

and i got a kale caesar salad. MY FAVORITE! how did they know?


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