Sunday, July 31, 2011

leg one: bend to eugene.

headed over mckenzie pass and enjoyed the scenic route to eugene, oregon on friday! it was pretty amazing, the views were so beautiful, and we were welcomed with open arms by the one and only tortuga. it was so great to be there and celebrate all three of us being unemployed by having one of the last extravagant meal for an undetermined amount of time. we ate at belly, and the food and wine was anything but easy to forget.

check out those sweet rides... 

 exploring the top of the "sea of lava" and enjoying the views

who knew there was a lookout point at the top? aka badass lava rock castle (whaaatt??!)

aaahhh, the glory of walking through the alleys of eugene

tortuga and parker getting their bronze on

and yes, the badminton skills were showed off.

aaron, we love you! thanks for kicking off our road trip with a bang!
we will never forget watching the sandlot in our outdoor movie theatre...
oiling and lotioning, and oiling and lotioning!
 i can't take it anymore!!

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